Video: Trump threatened democracy in the middle of the night

Photo by Galit Rodan: Michael Moore

Michael Moore, acclaimed American documentary filmmaker, author, and activist comments on the 2020 election as it takes place, and shares his view of what is happening and what lies ahead.

Video from Michael Moore

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  1. Thank You Michael for the video, very interesting personal insights on the American 2020 Elections. As an interested Australian I have been watching the Election unfold over the last couple of months and I’m not surprised by trump’s post election reactions and legal actions.I still remember seeing trump on Oprah, years ago, when he said that he might go for the presidency, Yes he is an evil genius, and has MANY other bad traits, and NOT one to underestimate. I have always enjoyed Your work and respected Your integrity in reporting events. Love, Light and Peace (Spike Milligan). Regards, Jon Pedersen, B.Sc. (Sydney University).

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