About Us

The Pen is a publication for  people. What does this mean? Two things really. We work hard to help ordinary people bring about positive change and aim to build The Pen as tool  to help them with the task of doing it.

For us it means a lot of effort to promote a collective approach to how we protect each other and advance our collective interests. The Pen is  political, in a broad sort of way. Not in the narrow sense of being associated with one political party or another, but in working to do our little bit to encourage grass-roots activity as a means to build the capacity of ordinary people to have a real voice and control over the different aspects of our lives and ultimately build a world that is fairer and better for all.

Production of The Pen is carried out, in the main, by a small group of dedicated individuals, who do it on a voluntary basis. We need your help to spread the word around and do a better job overall.

We are also always looking for new writers to tell their stories. We also need volunteers to help us with the  production side.

You don’t have to be an expert. If you can bring some ready skills –  great. If you are a novice, we can help you develop your ability.  Do you wish to join our team? Just send us a note  by means of the email facility on the Contact Us page on this site and we will reply by Email.