Why JobSeeker is union business

Event by Anti-Poverty Network SA

TUESDAY, 27 July 2021 at 7 pm Adelaide – 8 pm Eastern States

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This online discussion, featuring SA UNIONS SECRETARY, DALE BEASLEY, and AUSTRALIAN SERVICES UNION SA/NT SECRETARY, ABBIE SPENCER, will discuss the latest situation for people on JobSeeker and other Allowances, now on $44 a day/$308 a week (or less), and why and how unions can support anti-poverty struggles.Anti-Poverty Network SA will be outlining the grim findings of ‘Back To Struggle Street’, its survey of 282 people on JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, and Parenting Payment, looking at how people have been affected by the latest, $50 a week cut to payments that occurred at the start of April.The results show that we have returned to the pre-COVID days of widespread numbers of people skipping meals, skipping medicines, and having virtually nothing left after paying their rent.The Government showed last year during COVID (which is sadly far from over) how easily it could lift people out of poverty, when it doubled JobSeeker to $80 a day/$550 a week. Over the last several months, it has shown how easily it can plunge people back into poverty, with job-seekers’ incomes falling by $250 a week since the end of last September.JobSeeker has been slashed. But we will never stop fighting.

Climate Emergency – Duty to Care – Canberra

Parliament House, Canberra

The government is failing in its duty of care to keep us safe from impending climate and ecological collapse. Australia is now rated worst in the world for inaction on the climate emergency.
Join XR rebels in Canberra for the start of the winter sitting of parliament:.

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Pedal Rebels – Monthly Bike Ride for Climate

Saturday 31 July at 10 am

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