The movement behind Trump is in Australia too

Contributed by Jim Hayes

Lately, the world had witnessed the spectacle of gun toting vigilantes in the streets of the United States egged on by their President. This week we have seen mobs reacting over unsubstantiated claims of vote fraud and screaming for the count of votes to be stopped.

Scratch below the thin veneer and blow it lies a loss of trust in the political system, and anger over a loss of hope among Americans. The machine around Donald Trump has been able to funnel some of this passion for its own purposes.

In this respect, history is being repeated. Nearly a century ago, those in control feared losing it. A rising movement was challenging their power. Economic catastrophe came. Government and opposition parties were not delivering and lost the respect of the population. Traditional politics were set aside, and the lynch squad became the weapon of choice to keep power in the same hands.

This affected mainly Europe, but it took some hold in other countries as well.

Photo from Getty: Pro-Trump armed vigilantes readying for US election

The mob is not merely seeking to keep their man in the White House. It is waging a revolution, which goes way past the institutions. They are regarded as disposable, in the perceived need to crack heads and impose what the mob sees as its own will.

Before we shake our heads and say it can only happen there, it would be wise to have a look at what is going on in Australia, where a similar movement is raising its head.  

Let’s call this movement fascist. It takes on board the two principle pillars of fascism, which are corporatism and the use of law and order to achieve its political aims. It takes on the method of setting up the conspiracy of a hidden force working to take over all aspects of society.

Critical to its growth is the backing of big money, having a substantial Part of the political elite in its camp, and enjoying big media as its platform.

The movement around Donald Trump has an important part of Wall Street behind it, an army of functionaries of the state, and Rupert Murdoch as its chief propagandist.

Echoes of the same exist in Australia. The LNP has politically shifted a considerable way down this road. It’s not just Pauline Hanson. Billionaires are throwing money into the generation of this transition. Not just Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer. News Corp leads the public relations side, and the old school tie brigade stand up in line behind it.

Like in the United States, a section of the population is being recruited as its foot soldiers. A good part of the LNP base now sees the world in a way and demands what would have been only accepted by isolated cells of Swastika wearers only a few years ago.

The taste for this sort of revolution, like that of the US vigilantes, is starting to resonate in Australia. Donald Trump is their hero, and they are protective of Scott Morrison.

In this context, an organisation calling itself the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), began a three-day Sydeny gathering on 4 November, at Darling Harbour.

Jim Sternhell, who came along in an Uncle Sam costume, talked about climate change as “bull,” Covid-19 as a “lie,” and railed against a litany of “fake news” over a range of other issues.

Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty: Jim Sternhell in Uncle Sam costume

He talked about Donald Trump and his supporters being prepared to do what it takes to put a stop to the “voting machines run by George Soros”.

In saying these things, he was in step with the opinion of the considerable audience, each of which had paid between $149 to $349 to be there.

One of the two major sponsors of the event were the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). Its Director of Research, Daniel Wild, echoed Sternbell.

The other was Advance Australia. This is an online and activist organisation, designed to take on GetUp, and has played leading roles promoting climate change denial, the campaign against what it calls the dominance of Cultural Marxism, and whipping up anti-Chinese sentiment.

Contribution from Advance Australia

Video from CPAC

The CPAC parades as a conservative Australian organisation. It’s view of the world has little to do with real conservatism, for it wants to radically alter Australian politics and society. Nor is it Australian. It is a subsidiary of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which set it up and is its main source of funding. The ACU is affiliated to the Republican Party and has access to its Wall Street donors.

Logos of the CPAC Australia and the parent CPAC in the United States

Australia has followed Japan, as the second overseas venture of the ACU. Its association with an emerging global network of similar forces has provided an even bigger reach.

Current Breitbart editor in chief and founder the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage, has been a special guest of the CPAC in Australia, as has former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The former Liberal party MP and Sky News presenter Ross Cameron talked about the cultural takeover of the nation, made worse by a declining birth rate and migrants \without a British heritage.

Shock jock Alan Jones put his bit in. He addressed what he called the “significant indoctrination of our schools,” as well as the political left being “on the march” and taking over.

Other speakers were Eric Abetz, Senator Alex Antic & Senator Jim Molan, Craig Kelly, Alan Jones, The Hon. Mark Latham, Jacinta Price, and Warren Mundine.

The mood was summed up by Liberal Party Senator Alex Antic.

“Remember ladies and gentlemen, when you see a communist, take them down and make them wet their pants.” He meant, of course, everyone who doesn’t share the view of the world displayed at this conference.

Photo by Nick Baker: A sign at the CPAC Darling Harbour conference

Uncertain times, fear, and the feeling of powerlessness, create the opportunities for those at the head of this shift, to capitalise on rising disillusionment and anger, by posing as saviours against the elite monopolising power.

Only a counter movement for real democracy and the defence of genuine rights has a chance to counter this. To capture hearts and minds it must identify with those who are feeling left out and bring them into the effort to realise a far better vision.

One that brings us all together and works to transfer power downwards and away from power by virtue of wealth and privilege.

Those heading the CPAC and other similar organisations are part of this elite of wealth and privilege. Unmasking them is important. Defeating them is even more important.

2 Comments on "The movement behind Trump is in Australia too"

  1. The first thing you have to recognise is what the connecting link between Trump of America and Morrison of Australia is, and that will identify the anti democracy conspiracy’s origion. Clues. Morrison is a true believer in his own right, and therefore in some way’s more dangerous. Trump, on the other hand, needs their voting power, and they his narcissistic personality. That they both have that in spades, is the marzipan icing

  2. Scum floats to the top, its our duty to scrap ScumO off and return to a more empathetic, grounded society with concerns for addressing climate change.
    The Australian LNP have moved so far to the political right, they no longer represent most people, as the next federal Election result will show.

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