Turnout to Melbourne’s Change the Rules rally was massive

Photo by Danielle Bonica/ABC News: a small part of yesterday's rally and march in Melbourne
A collective contribution

What an extraordinary day it was yesterday. Some 270,000 people filled the streets in the  of Melbourne’s CBD, joining their voice to the call to make Australia a much fairer society. Man Thousands more took part in the 22 events i other cities and centres around the nation.

Although there was a focus on increasing wages and improving working conditions, it was also about much more than this. This was a signal of the intention to make Australia a fairer country in which to live.

We are in a time when, the reward for the worker for his or her labour, has lagged by a long way. Big business, aided by the government, has moved along the road of robbing the majority, to enriching the wealthiest 10 percent.

Wage earners are not only working harder for less. More than a third of the workforce has been causalised, and this is causing a great deal of suffering.  All those on Centrelink payments are being targeted and victimised. It is another part of the exploitation to enrich the few at the top.

So is the cutting of many government services.  There is plenty of money for corporate welfare and tax avoidance, while there is nothing for ordinary people. Welfare organisations are being starved and forced to compete against Each other for dwindling resources.

The treatment of the First Australians is going backwards, and refugees are still being locked up in concentration camps and treated inhumanely. The pandering to the fossil fuel industry and to move decisively on reducing carbon emissions is a scandal.

Farmers and many small businesses are doing it hard.

The only ones doing well, are greedy big time shareholders and corrupted politicians.

Australia has had enough. A movement to turn all this around is on the rise. The scale of yesterday’s rally and march in Melbourne and events in other places proves this.

Participants, backed by a succession of keynote speakers, made their intention to wage the battle to make Australia what it should be.  This is not about merely parading with banners and shouting slogans. It is about building organisation in the workplaces and neighbourhoods, building an irresistible grass-roots movement, to sweep aside, all that is wrong.

Photo by Danielle Bonica/ABC News: Victoria’s premier Daniel Andrews joined union leaders on the march

The first order of the day, is to get rid of the Morrison government. It is clear, moving forwards demands this. This means a Labor government. Those who question this, need to consider whatever possible alternative is possible at this point? The Greens and others, who support the trust of this movement deserve support as well. Other matters are secondary.

The will among the ranks is there. Would be leaders must listen, must offer a real alternative and be accountable.

Yesterday, gave the possibilities of what can be achieved a major boost. It set the example. and improved the capacity to keep the coalition out of government, at November’s Victorian state election.

Photo by Danielle Bonica/ABC News: Carrying the Eureka flag

But ultimately, this is not about bump me into parliament. It is about binging about the change that is needed. The only way to guarantee this, is by having an active, well organised and clear sighted movement, which is prepared to use people power to make the difference.

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  1. I joined What is now called Get Up in 1969 to save the Tasmanian Forests. I was a 13y old Apprentice standing infromt of whats now called Old Parliament House . Also sending 18y olds to War went you had to be 21 to Vote, Drink and get Married. We actually wonted them to rase it to 21 not drop everything elce to 18 . The LNP were money hungry fools then and haven,t changed . They have to be voted into extinction and a 2nd party that holds this land 1st last and in between., and stop this attack on people that have come from allover the world . The Afghans opened up the middle of Australia my family breed the Chamels for them and their were Asians at the rasing of the Southern Cross . The only people that are not imagrants ane first national people

  2. It is about time this has begun.

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