Tamboran set to expand fracking operations in the Northern Territory

Photo from Bloomberg: Tamboran gas exploration facility at Beetaloo

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Tamboran Resources Corporation is stepping up its ambition to extract gas from the Northern Territory through hydraulic fracturing. Otherwise known as fracking, this is a process where chemicals are forced into fissures in subterranean rock formations. This damages water tables. And toxins enter the food chain.

The damage caused by fracking is well documented. Disregarding this, the government passed a law last year that gave the environment minister the power to override concerns and environmental protections. The way began to be cleared for Tamboran and money has been handed over to encourage the industry to continue. Changes to environmental laws are designed fast track approval of new gas projects. The changes have been pushed by industry lobbyists

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Leading campaign organisations, GetUp, 350 Australia, and Lock The Gate are lifting the campaign against this company, with action planned for this year’s World Water Day on Friday 22 March. World Water Day is organised by UNESCO, and this year’s theme is water for peace, because the protection of water is fundamental towards reduction of conflict.

350 Australia and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition will be delivering a petition to environment minister Tanya Plibersek’s Redfern office in Sydney.

Tamboran has a poor record in safe water management. Toxic heavy metals causing the death of fish were found last year downstream from its Beetaloo site. Dirty water is being stored in ponds. This risks overflow and soil contamination in times of flooding, which, in a tropical climate, is always on the cards.

This is the dirtiest form of gas and should never be allowed. Communities around Australia have shown they don’t want it in their own backyards. They are still being ignored. Industry lobbyists still have money and networks to go around and buy politicians.

Everyone knows that continuing to rely on gas as an export earner is a dead end and it stands in the way of focusing on building sufficient renewable energy alternatives. This and the immediate contamination risks are sufficient reasons to support campaigners fighting for change.

Tamboran was founded in 2009 to exploit Northern Territory Gas by United States based partners already involved in fracking in that country. Including in the Duvernay, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Montney, Woodford, Fayetteville, and Haynesville. 

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