Australia’s vassal role in drive to war and Palestinian slaughter

Image from the Sydney Morning Herald

Contribute by Jim Hayes

If there is one thing that Australia’s foreign policy shows, it’s that Australia’s government is prepared to sell our national sovereignty and does so in the name of the US – Australia alliance. There is nothing wrong with strategic partnerships that ring benefit to both parties. Deals that harm Australia, makes our nation a vassal of someone else, without an equal ay sand paying too high a price, are bad deals.

The big issue here is, Washington’s drive towards war with China. Fearing its own decline and the economic rise of China, Australia is shepherded into being its proxy regional post over Asia and the Pacific. China isn’t threatening us. But the sabre-rattling invites retaliation. This isn’t in Australia’s interests.

Australia is in the Asian region and our best interest lie is building closer links within it. China is by far Australia’s main trading partner. Expanding cooperation with China would help lift our sagging economy and create jobs.

Now we have the disgrace over Gaza. Australia has been assigned a role as a backer for the Netanyahu government and its genocide. Make no mistake. By the failure to speak out against it, the Australian government is really supporting the Israeli government’s version of a final solution for the Palestinian people and doing it in our name. Ignoring the slaughter of more than 30,000 people, nearly two thirds of which are children and women, amounts to this.

Photo of mass burial of dead Palestinians near Gaza town Khan Younis

This is happening because Washington demands it.

Support for the slaughter doesn’t stop at a failure to take a moral stand. Australia is involved in the creation and supply of the means that are killing Palestinians. One of the new weapons contracts is to produce parts for multiple rocket systems known as GMLRS, and which detonate 90 kg cluster bombs. These are specifically designed to target civilian populations and illegal under international law. The cluster bombs are to be made at Mulwalla in NSW.

Australia hosts US military bases and donates military personnel and ADF facilities used to help pinpoint the targets. M107 155-millimetre shells are being shipped to the Israeli military, to be dropped on the Gaza population. A company called Elbit systems is making them. Revealed documents show the government owned Australia’s future Fund has provided $650 million for it. A further $71.3 million has gone to Lackheed Martin to help manufacture the F-35 fighter jets now flying over Gaza, $43 million contributed to Northrop Gruman Corp to help build artillery, mortar systems, and tanks for Israeli tanks; S72.4 million has gone to RTX Corporation to be put to making Patriot missiles; and $3.5 million has gone to help Thales make assault rifles. All of these armaments are for the use of the Israeli Défense Forces against Palestinian civilians.

Photo from the US army: 155mm artillery like the ones Australia is contributing to manufacturing for Israel

In addition to justifying the killing, Australia’s government takes part in the dehumanisation of an entire population. Dehumanisation is the path to slaughter.

Is this protecting Australia’s interests and security?

There is, of course, continuing involvement in the Ukraine conflict, another proxy for Washington’s geopolitical ambitions.

One of the best illustrations of how far Australian governments have been prepared to go to be subservient is the nuclear submarine deal. Australia has been signed up to pay a massive $368 billion for the right to have them stationed here. They will never be under Australian control, for they are integrated into the US military. This bill is only an initial estimate. The final cost will be much higher.

Now Washington is saying they may not deliver all. They may not deliver any. Australia will still get to pay. Material and some soldiers have been sent there. This isn’t about humanitarian support. It’s mostly about the expansion of the NATO military position to the East.

Our relationship with Washington isn’t an equal partnership. Washington commands and Australia is expected to obey. We have become a client state of the US, ultimately driven to engage in war against China and our own destruction.

This must stop.

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