Support for all during coronavirus crisis

Contributed by Ben Wilson

Activist online group GetUp is running a petition, demanding that those left out of the stimulus packages be looked after. The petition has already been going for a little while, and more than 33,000 have signed on so far.

Help is being sought for those who have been left out, including casualised workers, temporary migrants, students and travellers stranded far from home, especially those with limited access to healthcare and have no other means of support. Visa holders risk losing their visas.

“We can’t let this continue,” says GetUp. “Everyone needs to be supported during the crisis – regardless of where they’re from or how long they’ve been here”.

The realisation that even for those getting some assistance is not all its cracked up to be, is starting to dawn. The largest part of the help is going to bail out the corporate world. But as bad as this may be, the position of those left out is worse.

The petition calls for full access to Medicare, income support and an amnesty on visa renewals for all temporary migrants.

GetUp says, “We need to come together and call on the Morrison Government to support all of us through this crisis”.

Millions are going without help, and this is unacceptable in a society that considers itself humane. We all have a responsibility to raise our voices and not let this injustice continue.

Temporary migrants are is the worst position of all. The are stuck here, unable to leave, and have no means of support at all. This is a recipe for serous poverty. Keeping a roof over their heads, putting food on the table and looking after families are becoming impossible.

Providing help is a matter of urgency. But so far nothing is being done by the Australian government. This has got to change.

This is why GetUp is asking those who are concerned to join the call for action by signing their petition

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