Video: How the Coronavirus was beaten in Wuhan and China

Photo from France-Press/ Getty Images: Workers with containers of disinfectant preparing to spray the central railway station in Wuhan during the height of the epidemic

There are forces striving to build conflict with China and political opportunists using the China card to deflect attention form their own behavior. The world does not need the up scaling of conflict, which has the potential of ending up in war. It needs unity for peace and to deal with our common challenges, like defeating the current Coronavirus epidemic, answering the climate crisis, and creating a world where the majority have a voice and their interests are met.

It is important to counter the barrage of misinformation with the truth. Truth has nothing to do with accusations without evidence. Truth requires listening to and examining the other side of the argument. It is about investigation. Truth has nothing to do with supporting or not supporting a government and political system. It stands on its own. Those who are not afraid to look can find it.

The present epidemic is real because people are getting sick and some are dying form the viral infection. This is not a conspiracy by some dark force. Everyone is affected. Its source in not known. Drinking bleach won’t cure it. Facts don’t always fit into conspiracy theories and prejudice.

Basic decency in hard times and not being used to divide us against our common interests are important.

This video provides eye witness answers how China has been able to set the pace in overcoming the Coronavirus. This is worth watching to get a balanced view.

Video from CGTN

If you are objective, fair-minded and keen to hear about China from an alternative and reliable news source, you will enjoy and appreciate this video presentation by the remarkable Liu Xin from CGTN.

Posted by Eddy Cheong on Sunday, April 26, 2020

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