Police violence against the Catalans is exposed

Huge march against the jailing of independence leaders and to support ongoing the ongoing movement for self self rule on

Contributed by Joe Montero

The situation in Cataluña continues to deteriorate. More than a million came out into the streets to protest the jailing of independence leaders who were voted in to become the regional government for carrying out their mandate.

Daily protests continue.

Moving towards independence was declared illegal by the Central government in Madrid. This is a no brainer. The post Franco dictatorship constitution was written to prevent this, and much of it remains locked into its fascist heritage.

The jailing of leaders by a panel of conservative judges is widely regarded as a political move, designed to send out a clear messag. A move to break away with Spain will be dealt with harshly. The policing methods being used back this up.

Critics have warned that the hard line and refusal to even talk, sends out the message that a peaceful change is not possible in Spain, and this is loaded with danger.

When Madrid refuses to change a constitution that fails to meet the will of the people, and tries to crush deals the Catalan movement the violence and arrest the political leadership, and the movement won’t back down, there is a political crisis. This was a major factor in bringing the Rajoy government down.

This turn towards force was accompanied by a new chauvinism that encouraged the regrowth of a fascist movement under the name of Vox.

Now the government (although in a caretaker mode) is in the hands of the Socialist Party under the leadership of Pedro Sánchez . It not only continues continues on same track as its predecessor, but takes it to a new level.

Orchestrated attacks on demonstrators are being used.

Much of the media has been misreporting what has been going on and painting scenes of violent protesters. When there is evidence that much of the violence was carried out by the police, and when they have been caught on film lighting fires, to report is as such is a lie.

Consequently, the media is not very highly regarded. Below is a scene where a large rally on 19 October, deliberately shuts out a television station on the scene, chanting ” manipulative Spanish press.” The reporter is visibly shaken by this reaction. The anchor tries to get her to continue regardless.

Catalans Take on bad media

Video from Carlos Marín

Cuatro también se apunta al ridículo, junto con la Griso, Ferreras y Ana Rosa.El trabajo de la reportera no merece un Oscar, sino los Grazzi a la peor interpretación. Porque, además de no saber actuar, dice que le gritan "Prensa española manipuladora", cuando en el audio se escucha con claridad que gritan "In… inde… independencia"Qué asco!!!

Posted by Carlos Marín on Friday, October 18, 2019

Below is an illustration of the true story.

Police launch violent assault in Barcelona

Video from Carmen Romero

Esto sale en la tv española? Porque yo no lo he visto….

Posted by Carmen Romero on Sunday, October 20, 2019

The political situation in Cataluña is getting messier by the day. There will be repercussions. All that has been achieved is to deepen the political crisis and strengthen the determination of the independence movement. It could prove to lead to the undoing of the new government.

Eye witness records police lighting a fire

Although the scene is not perfectly clear. The voice behind the screen says that it is the police started the fire.

Video from Jo vull votar adéu espanya

Escolteu a la dona que ho està filmant!!! Diu que és la pròpia policia la que està cremant els containers.

Posted by Jo vull votar adéu espanya on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Cataluña is only part of the story.

All of Spain continues to face high unemployment, a falling value of incomes, endemic political corruption, and government-imposed austerity. The Socialist party, contrary to the promises made during the April election campaign, indicates that it is ready to continue essentially the same policies in these areas as well.

Adding to the disquiet, is the failure of the Socialist party to form a proper government til now. The reason is its refusal to enter into a coalition with the anti-austerity party Podemos, preferring to stitch up an accord with the right-wing parties. The strategy has failed, and the nation is poised have a nwe election if a solution is not found by the end of this month. It will be the third in about eighteen months.

The sense of political crisis has deepened, and there are signs of a new wave of rising discontent. A good example, other than the situation in Cataluña, has been the rise of a militant age pensioners movement that is hitting the streets in bigger and bigger numbers, for a pension big enough to live on and not to be used as a vehicle to push down wages.

Pensioners rally in Madrid one week ago

Video from Emilio Grande Fresno

" PLATAFORMA PENSIONISTAS INDIGNADXS DE MADRID " La Pta del Sol es un tsunami de pensionistas llegadxs de toda España…un gran éxito de convocatoria de la Coordinadora Estatal por la Defensa del Sistema Público de las Pensiones ( COESPE ) y de todas las plataformas y colectivos que formamos parte de ella.#VivaLaLuchaDeLxsPensionistas#PensionistakAurrera.

Posted by Emilio Grande Fresno on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Francoist mentality exists within the ranks of the national police and military military commanders, and it exists within the judiciary. This is part of the problem. The Socialist leadership has gone along with it and sought to turn blaming the victims to political advantage.

The yare indulging in fear mongering. This might win praise from the old establishment. It might also expose who the Socialist party is in bed with and cause it as great deal of damage.

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