Carter Holt locked out workers want some justice

Locked out workers at Carter Holt Harvey
From the CFMEU

Workers at  Carter Holt Harvey plywood mill in northeast Victoria say they are determined to continue fighting for a “fair” pay deal despite being locked out of their workplace.

Around 200 workers have been unable to enter the locked-down mill since April 19, 2017 after workplace agreement negotiations broke down.

The mill that was established in Myrtleford in 1975 is a major employer in the town, which has a population of around 3,000.

Workers and their families who are asking nothing more than fair pay and conditions from a massive multinational company. Workers and their families who are now paying the price for Carter Holt Harvey’s massive corporate greed. It received a $50 million upgrade in 2010 with Victorian Government support to turn the timber plant into Australia’s biggest plywood mill, and created around 60 extra jobs.

The feeling is that the company should do better is sharing out the proceeds that it makes and not try so hard to be a cheap emloyer


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