Muslim students told to leave the Perth Convention Centre

The Perth Convention Centre
Contributed by Ugly

When young Islamic female students are forced out of a public place something is terribly wrong.  This is what happened on 26 May, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre’s career expo.

They were asked to leave because some people present allegedly said to staff that the hijabs were “making them feel uncomfortable after what happened in Manchester”.

Convention Centre management denied that any of its staff was involved, after being contacted about the incident.

It I also alleged that a teacher asked the students to leave.

Assuming the story is correct so far, the Centre knew at the time of the incident, because it involved a complaint made to staff. Being responsible for the genuine safety and comfort of those who came to its expo, there is a duty to protect from discriminatory abuse.

It is highly likely that the perpetrators were not frightened, but carrying out an act to purposely exhibit their prejudice. They should have been asked to leave. Failure to do this was at best an act of cowardice and at worst, participation in an act of discrimination.

The teacher also has a duty of care for the students and failed to act properly, if the allegation is true. It also means a breach of the necessity for a teacher to ensure that they remain with the students at a time when their care is the school’s responsibility. Sending a group away is a breach of the teachers’ responsibility.

Unfortunately, there is an element in our society that worked to spread profiling and hatred towards Muslims. Muslims form a considerable portion of our community and actions aiming to create isolation do not only hurt Muslims. They hurt us all.  This means that everyone has a responsibility to stand against it.







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