Video: The current Gaza/Israel war is being waged for this

Photo from AFP: Palestinians in Gaza rally to demand their rights to gas from maritime fields in September 2022

Israels invasion of Gaza and the cruelty being inflicted on the civilian population has horrified the world and caused a counter response across nations on all continents, on a scale not seen for a very long time. The world is now aware of the reality that Israel is an apartheid state. this means, that it is considered legitimate to treat one group of people as inferior and not deserving the same rights as other, simply because of genetics. The two [populations are kept separated. This ideology justifies the industrial scale human rights violation now being committed.

A group of western nations have emerged as the enablers of this crime, and it is the United States government that is leading it. There is a strategic reason. Washington’s priority is to maintain a regional foothold in a part of the world where it now finds itself almost totally isolated. The video below shows that there is also an economic incentive that binds Israel, the United States, and Europe. Gaza has enormous gas and oil reserves to exploit, and there is a plan to build a new canal to take traffic away from the world’s busiest shipping route, the Suez Canal.

The following is from Russia Today, an English language television station. anything coming from Russia is usually either totally censored or wears an alert that it is Russian propaganda, the wise see past the labels and understand that to get to the truth of a story, it is mandatory to consider all sides. The importance of Gaza gas and oil raised here have been mirrored in other places, including the United Nations conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the New York Times, Aljazeera, Reuters, The Jewish Virtual Library, Haaretz, Wikipedia, and the Middle East Eye,

Reporting on the new canal, known as the Ben-Gurion Canal, has been reported in The Guardian, Haaretz, Business Insider, Wikipedia, The Indian Express, and the Middle East Monitor.

Video from RT

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