The lies that have fuelled a genocide in Gaza

Photo by Abed Khaled/Associated Press: Woman distraught over the bodies of family members killed by an Israeli air strike

Contributed by Jim Hayes

Genocide At Gaza would not have been possible without the manufacturing of a barrage of lies deliberately aimed at misrepresenting what is going on and dehumanising the intended victims. Nor would I have been possible without the complicity of certain political leaders and media outlets, falling over each other in their eagerness to echo the lies.

Not that lying to justify waging war on someone is new. Rember Iraq and Afghanistan? Time has proved that the leaders of the participating nations, namely George W Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard lies through their teeth, and what the lying was championed by the same media outlets that are now championing the lies coming from the Israeli government.

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, US President George W. Bush and Australian Prime Minister John Howard lied to launch war on Iraq

The word Zionist is deliberately used, because it not the same thing as Jewish, and speaking out against the repulsive ideology of Zionism is not antisemitic. Founded by Theodore Herzl and under the leadership of Cham Weizman, Zionism became a political organisation in 1897. Its mission was and continues to be, the taking of the land historically called Palestine, remove the Palestinians, and create a race based state. Zionism opposes the existence of a state where different peoples can live together as equals.

This combination makes it inevitable that there are those who will be designated as less than human, and as vermin deserving extermination is they fight back against exclusion and repression.

When on 7 October Hamas fighters crashed through the detention fence and took military action, they mostly attacked a military base. A firefight took place, and the base was overwhelmed. Israelis and Palestinians were killed were killed. Prisoners were taken.

In other places, Hamas tams were met by armed militias.  There were more firefights, leading to further deaths and prisoners being taken. Although technically civilians, most of these people were not noncombatants. This doesn’t mean that no innocents were killed and captured. It is plausible that some fit this description, but it is only part of the story.

What is the evidence for this assertion? It comes from both Israeli military and Hamas filming of the events. Much of this has now been effectively banned in the west.

Israeli army attacks Hamas landing craft

This footage is from the Israeli military

Video from the Daily Mail

Israeli police footage of two sided battles

Even the attack on the Be’eri kibbutz was met with Israeli gunfire

The attack on the Supernova festival was horrible, but even here the Israeli military was present and engaging just before the crowd begun to run for their lives.

Video from Sky News

This coverage is anything but sympathetic to Hamas, but it does at least admit that troops were on hand and that footage obtained from the Israeli side remains unverified.

Footage from the Hamas side tells the same story. It’s not only what is shown here. There is far more revealing footage that has now been blocked by social media platforms and ignored by mainstream media outlets. The whole truth is being hidden.

Everything is being weaponised to justify the obliteration of a population, and this is exactly what the massive attack on the Gaza civilian population is.

Any accusation that saying these things amounts to support for Hamas and antisemitic is wrong and must be opposed.

British politician and broadcaster George Galloway comments on the mounting evidence.

Video from George Galloway


Australian Jewish writer Anthony Lowenstein was interviewed on Democracy Now about the current situation, the call for a ceasefire, action by unions in several countries to block weapons going to Israel and growing public awareness and anger over the global connection with the Israeli military industry.

“Israel is already, as we speak … live-testing new weapons in Gaza,” says Loewenstein.

He also discusses what he characterizes as the “intelligence” and “political” failures of the October 7 Hamas incursion.

Video from Democracy Now!

An American nurse who spoke honestly during an interview on CNN has received widespread coverage about what she saw, and it provides a different perspective on the usual coverage that ignores the human suffering of Palestinians.

Video from CNN

Meanwhile, much of the big media continues to peddle what the government of Israel wants. The following report refers to the United States. The same could be said for Australia.

What US media is missing in Israel’s war on Gaza…and why it matters? 

Video from Al Jazeera English

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