Video: firefighters’ union has slammed the NSW Premier

This is the response for denying they have cut budget for state’s fire services in the middle of the state’s bushfire emergency.

Fire Brigades Employees Union NSW secretary Leighton Drury said Fire and Rescue NSW, denounces the shortfall of 400 in the service.

“Since 2011, when this government came in, they imposed a labour expense cap on non-frontline workers (and) they classify firefighters as non-frontline.

Video from 7NEWS Sydney

4 Comments on "Video: firefighters’ union has slammed the NSW Premier"

  1. The Liberals are a disgrace ignored scientists on climate change and cut funding to fire fighters.

  2. They the Govenment , are more into ripping everyone off check out what they are trying to do with cashless cards saga, no brains in that lot , the cost is astronomical , no need for this shit , that money they get , could help our fire fighters , plus with there over paid wages ,think some would put in to help, cant see any of that happening with these greedy shits,

  3. Onya Gladys, you dumb bitch.

  4. Liberal don’t care about you or anyone but the sale of Australia to foreign countries like China, no need for a war China has taken Australia without firing a shot

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