Australian SAS soldier shoots and kills unarmed man at close range in Afghanistan

Contributed by Ben Wilson

The airing of extraordinary footage on the ABC’s Four Corners program should result in criminal charges for those involved in the murders. Not the usual attempts at cover up. There has so far been no response from the Australian government yet.

An Australian Defense Force (ADF) investigation later ruled the killing was justified because it was in self defense. The footage shows no evidence of this.

The the video footage telling the whole story can be viewed via this link. Readers are warned that there are disturbing scenes.

On patrol in the outskirts of Deh Jawz-e Hasanzai

After being confronted with the evidence the Inspector-General of the Australian Defense Force said in a statement that there is an investigation about, “whether there is any substance to rumour and allegations” about possible war crimes committed by Australian special forces in Afghanistan. Whether this is real, or another cover up, only time will tell.

The footage exposes more than the obvious human rights violation. There is something very sick in Australia and the nation’s place in the world.

Unarmed and non threatening Dad Mohammad about to be shot

It centres on our relationship with Washington. Australia has become complicit in a foreign policy that has nothing to do with protecting the rights of people and democracy, and everything to do with subjugation, control and exploitation of people and resources.

Soldiers are sent into a country to hunt down a supposed villain. They find that the population is the real target. Combine this with training designed to breed hate for the enemy. This is especially true for the Special Air Service (SAS). The result cannot be good.

When there is no clear mission and no clear enemy and soldiers have been sent into war on the back of lies and soldiers psychologically damaged by their experience, some will turn rogue.

This is a scenario waiting for crimes against humanity to happen.

Dad Mohammad lies dead after being shot three time from point blank range

Instead of support for damaged soldiers, there is a system of justification and cover up. More crimes against humanity follow.

In this case, which is by no means the first and won’t be the last to be uncovered, what happens is caught on a soldier’s helmet camera. He was the patrol dog’s handler. The group are members of the SAS.

The scene is just outside the village of Deh Jawz-e Hasanzai. It happened in May 2012. The victim? A young man called Dad Mohammad, thought to be about 25 years old.

According to Four Corners, the soldier who fired the shots is still serving in the SAS.

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