Pensioners to be target of welfare card cut

Malcolm Turnbull
Contributed by an age pensioner

A leaked federal government document shows the government’s intention to take concession cards from pensioners and it will cost an individual up to $49.10 per fortnight.

All welfare payments under $20.02 will be scrapped.  Retirees who do not qualify for the full pension because of superannuation or assets, but receive the nominal amount, will not qualify for the health care card.

For retires, the cost of health, including prescription drugs can be formidable. These pensioners will also lose the pension rate car registration, license and council rates etc. Most of these people are not wealthy. Many have already had their pension cut via the recent change to the assets test and are in financial stress.

Some people on disability support and carers also face the loss.

Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) chief executive Dr Cassandra Goldie warned the government against welfare changes, saying Australia already has one of the most targeted systems of ­income support.

“Once again, this kind of proposal targets people on low and modest incomes to make savings,” Dr Goldie said.

It is extraordinary that as the exposure of the treatment of welfare recipients through Centrelink continues to unfold, the Turnbull government is going for yet another measure to raise funds from some of the most vulnerable Australians. The government chooses to ignore the  evident public concern.

The suggestion that this is necessary to control the budget, convinces almost no-one. It is common knowledge that this comes at a time when the same government, refuses to act on corporate tax evasion and siphoning off funds to tax free havens. Practices that put a bigger hole into government finances that is saved by welfare cuts.

A good part of the reason for the demise of former treasurer Joe Hockey and why Turnbull replaced Tony Abbott as prime minister, was that they sighted the same target. Malcolm Turnbull promised then that his would be a more caring government.

There are a lot of Australian who feel let down by the betrayal of this promise.


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  1. lily zanrosso | March 20, 2017 at 9:38 am | Reply


  2. Australia is a sovereign nation and the issuer of the $Aus Dollar,this means the Government can not run out of money and can never default on payments and can afford all of the infrastructure it needs to build to run the country well..all restrictions and cuts are self imposed but the government of the day,the cuts the Turnbull/Abbott are as unnecessary as the cuts the Rudd/Gillard government put in place.

    the only real restriction/limitations our country faces is resourses and if we run out of them,the government though can always afford to spend,but it is what they spend on that makes the difference.
    they always seem to have money for the top end of town and bailouts but never the lower socioeconomic sector.

  3. Murray Dickson | March 20, 2017 at 6:18 pm | Reply

    …and if you happen to be living abroad, marred and with a schoolage child, you DON’T get ANY of these perk anyway.
    Worse yet….they reduce the Oensionafter 13 weeks away from Oz and then a further redction after 26 Weeks.
    Labor was NO BETTER than the current mib, so don’t be fooled by Labor-Stooges trying to suggest the likes of Foul-mouth Rudd and Lying Ju-Lia were defenders of Aussie Retrees.

  4. Rick Gerhardt | March 21, 2017 at 7:24 pm | Reply

    Malcom you can only squeeze the pensioners so far ,if you persist with your plan to cut the concession card as well ,you will not be a second term prime minister and you will go down in history as Australia’s worst prime minister ,us pensioners will NOT vote for you and your party .I know you don’t care about the little people in this country ,being a multi millionaire but your time will come and you will regret what you have done to this once great country .

  5. The Gillard government brought in the cut for pensioners away after 26 weeks, as an ill conceived, knee-jerk, panic reaction to the Greek problem. Now that the mechanism is in place, anyone as evil as Turnbull can simply tighten the screws, until there is nothing is left. It was a very bad move to create this weapon in the first place. Now that the worst people have control of it, there is no stopping them. We don’t even have an effective opposition to defend us.

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