Iran’s missiles and exposure of western hypocrisy

Photo from the Palestine Chronicles

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The monumental hypocrisy surrounding the defenders of Israeli occupation of Gaza continues. Add to this those who tut-tut the excessive use of force but continue to effectively support the slaughter by not standing against it. This includes Australia’s Albanese government.

Recent weeks have seen an escalation of Israeli military attacks on neighbouring countries, as well as that being visited on Palestinians in the west Bank and Jerusalem. Our supporters and appeasers have been silent on all of this.

They were silent when Israel blew up the Iranian embassy in Syria and killed those within it, despite this being an act of war and direct violation of the international convention that there must never be attacks on diplomatic targets. Then they feigned surprise when Iran retaliates with its own missiles.

Imagine the reaction of any other country attacked in this way. Would the United States refrain from a military response? They wouldn’t. Australia would respond in line with our capability. Sow when Iran is condemned, it shows a double standard.

 The resulting crocodile tears shed over poor Israel and condemnation of the nasty Iranians has a less than honourable intent behind it. Israel’s supporters and appeasers of the Gaza holocaust and other attacks are using the Iranian retaliation as a vehicle to turn attention away from Israel’s killing spree.

Scenes of mass dislocation, the huge number of children and women, the deliberate flattening of hospitals, the targeted killing of doctors, nurses, and patients, as well as journalists, witnessing the butchery isn’t a good public relations look. Nor is the deliberate blocking of food, water, medicines, and other necessities, to the point where largescale starvation and death from disease are on the cards.

As if all this I not too much already, regional escalation threatens do drag many countries into war and threatens a word-wide conflict.

By their actions, the supporters and appeasers of Israel contribute to the drive towards such a wider war. This may be the dream of those in control of the Israeli government and military. It will only bring disaster., and the world must decide on whether this must be stopped.

Image from SBS News: Albanese government helps to arm Israel

Those who might suggest that casting the Albanese government as an appeaser is going too far should consider that it allows Australia to be used to assist Israel’s military adventuress. American communications facilities are being used to guide the missiles and bombs, towards targets that they help to locate.

The Albanese government allows contracts to supply military hardware and parts. It participated for a time in blocking humanitarian aid to the victims in Gaza. The reaction to the deliberate killing of aid worker, including an Australian was muted because it did not want to offend Israel.

Israel is heading down a road towards an eventual defeat. It has lost most of its legitimacy in the eyes of the world and stumbles from one error to the next. Its occupation of Gaza, even though it extracts a horrible toll, has failed to quash the resistance. Opening up the war on many fronts means greater vulnerability.

Israel’s need for a temporary partial withdrawal to meet other fronts is testimony to this. Opposition to war I Israel itself is growing. The hope of Netanyahu and his gang has been that the United States and id few allies becoming directly involved in the shooting and bombing to protect Israel. But public opinion and the global balance of political forces work against this.

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