Supporters of Biloela Tamil family ‘not giving up’ after the election result

Biloela community members hold up photos of the family members

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Last year, the Federal Court dismissed the application by a Tamil family to remain in Australia.   They had argued that they would be at serious risk is deported back to Sri Lanka. They continued to fight the case, and in March last year, Nadesalingam, Priya and their two daughters were locked up at the immigration detention centre in Broadmeadows, which is in Melbourne’s north.

The family had been living in Biloela, a small town in Queensland, for three years, where they had established a strong connection to the local community. They are part of it. This is why this community has come in, to bat for them.

Not caring less, the government has gone on with efforts to have them removed and deported.

Earlier this month, the High Court denied their final bid to remain in the country.

News of what Was happening to them filtered through Australia and the support for them grew, and just before the election Labor leader Bill Shorten promised to review the case. If he became prime minister.

This did not happen, and the government was returned at the recent election.

This has knocked back this family’s case back to square one. They could be deported any day.

They are still fighting, and their supporters have vowed “not to give up.”

A spokesperson from the Australian Border Force (ABF) has since said in a statement the “family’s case has been assessed, over many years, by the department, various tribunals and courts, including the High Court of Australia”.

“Non-citizens who do not hold a valid visa and who have exhausted all outstanding avenues to remain in Australia are expected to depart to their country of citizenship,” the spokesperson said.

With the Morrison government returned, deportation again seems imminent. But advocates of the family are unmoved.

“This fight is not over,” supporter and Biloela resident Angela Fredericks told SBS News on Tuesday.

“We’re not giving up at all. Pretty much from Sunday, from the outcome, we’ve been emailing Scott Morrison, we’ve been emailing [Immigration Minister] David Coleman, we’ve been phoning their offices.”

Biloela local and family friend Angela Fredericks said she is “absolutely gutted” by the decision.

“I’m just absolutely sick at the moment,” she said.

“I didn’t have lot of faith in our justice system because again they’re not hearing the content of their case — this is a case where we need ministerial intervention.

“I plea to [Immigration Minister] David Coleman to have a heart, have some compassion, use a level head, and know that pretty much this family’s safety and their future is directly in the palm of his hands.”

The minister stillhas powers to let them stay, and this will continue to be the focus of the campaign.

There is a Petition supporting Tamil family, which will be delivered to Immigration Minister .

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