Video: Thousands of civilians killed in Yemen

Photo from AFP/Getty: Rescuers trying to save civilian victims of a recent bombing raid


Saudi Arabia, is being backed by the United States and the other of the the feudal kingdom’s supporters, including Australia, in the carrying out of a genocidal war that is targeting civilians. Following is a graphic illustration of the impact of a recent  air strike.

Video from the Stop The War Alliance


2 Comments on "Video: Thousands of civilians killed in Yemen"

  1. I am disgusted and horrified that the word HUMANITY is not EVER thought about when chasing financial and political goals. Let the poor, the innocent and the UNARMED die and let us talk about the “horror” of a pipe bomb which MIGHT have killed a famous person.

  2. Marrion Turner | 29 October 2018 at 8:29 am | Reply

    I always have, do, and will hate WAR and I detest the men who are responsible for this kind of genicide there is not one reason why they see this as the only way, how can anyone think killing children 👶 is OK

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