Video: Julian Assange and CIA backed assassination plots

In an explosive, rare long form interview UK hip hop legend and activist Lowkey speaks to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s partner Stella Moris.

In the interview, Stella Moris speaks to Lowkey about huge new revelations about the case “The key witness is a diagnosed sociopath, a fraudster who was already convicted of embezzling Wikileaks for 50 or 60 thousand…The key allegations against Julian have been fabricated by him..

He admits he did that in exchange for total immunity. Under the protection of the US government he then continued his crime spree” Moris speaks about fearing for Assange’s mental and physical health “I am always concerned for Julian’s health…

“What’s happening to Julian is monstrous. It’s the worst forces attacking the greatest virtues… “It’s the vision of us being reunited. Of him being able to be a father to our children and this injustice to end that helps us get through every day” Stella Moris on US security services spying on Assange in the Embassy “One of the security guards at the Embassy told me that I shouldn’t bring our baby anymore because he had been told to steal a nappy.

These people were acting on instruction. They are receiving emails saying install that camera there, install a microphone under that fire extinguisher, steal that nappy, look at ways to poison Assange” “A case like Julian’s which is the most significant press freedom case of our century which raises the most fundamental issues about what it means to live in a democracy, about our ability to know what governments do in our name, with our money. The fact that governments cover these things up and if there exposed they will go after you.”

Video from a/political

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