We’ve just had a dodgy election and fake how to vote cards are being uncovered around Australia

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Such has been the illusion cast over the 18 May federal election, that it takes some effort to accept that the whole thing was dodgy. It’s not just the barrage lies, slanders and rumours spread around every day of the election campaign and before. That’s bad enough. Even worse is that a rigged electoral system was used, and it takes a lot of money to buy one’s way to a victory.

Then comes Clive Palmer big. At last count, it is $60 million and climbing, just to help spread the illusion that that a fair vote was taking place. When an electoral process operates on misinformation, is rigged to deny the real voice of the people, and a win can be bought with enough money, it is ridiculous to call this democracy.

It doesn’t stop here. It is now coming to light that fake election material was circulated before and during the poll. Almost 500 complaints have been lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), but little is going to happen, because under Australian law, the AEC does not have the jurisdiction to do anything about it. All it can do is advise those found spreading false and dodgy information not to do it again.

A solution is offered. A case can be taken the high Court. It takes a lot of money and ordinary citizens don’t have it. The process is stitched up again.

This suggests that there is a whole apparatus set up, working to ensure that everything stays the same.

Watch the following clip from The Feed SBS VICELAND and presented by Jan Fran, which mentions some of what has been going on. The cases speak for themselves. Can anybody really argue that its right that this goes on? Can they really be against putting a top it?

Fake election material could be legal

The Australian Electoral Commission reckons it’s had almost 500 complaints about fake or dodgy campaign material BUT as Jan Fran discovered there’s not that much they can do unless folks want to take the matter to court.

Posted by The Feed SBS VICELAND on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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