Video: West admits Russia outguns them as Ukraine suffers heavy losses amid failing Offensive

Brian Berletic, host of The New Atlas, is a geopolitical researcher and writer based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a former US marine. His articles have been published by many outlets, including The Guardian. Here he provides a thought provoking explanation of what is currently happening in Ukraine.

This update on the conflict in Ukraine for September 18, 2023reveals that the Ukrainian offensive operations remain stagnant along the line of contact with Russian counterattacks overturning what superficial progress they do make.

Reality runs counter to the usual narrative provided by Western media, which is now having to cite US and other NATO member state officials admitting Ukrainian forces lacked the proper training to conduct a successful offensive. They are beginning to admit Ukraine’s catastrophic losses in men and materiel. They also admit Russian losses are near all-time lows.

The collective West also acknowledges that the amount of ammunition and weapons Ukraine requires is beyond the West’s ability to provide both in the short and intermediate future.

To provide such levels of material support, the West would need to significantly mobilize its population, industry, and military, a prospect that isn’t even being seriously considered let alone planned.

Video from The New Atlas

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