Morrison’s attack on GetUp is still on

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I have been a supporter of GetUp for some time and I make a regular financial contribution. Tens of thousands of people like me keep the online activist network alive.

This allows a collective voice that has proved to be a thorn in the side of not only the government, but the whole political establishment.

GetUp has been effective for one basic reason. It gives form to widespread discontent over the state of politics in Australia, and it brings in a measure of grass roots participation. Many of us feel that we have no real voice.

We are not listened to, by politicians, who look from where we’re , to be no more than a bunch of crooks. The only answer left is to get together and make a noise.

The prime minister’s recurring attacks on GetUp deny this.

If we had faith in our leaders, none of us would feel we need to give our support to groups like GetUp. Anybody with even a shred of honesty would admit this. Unfortunately, honesty is in short supply with our current political leadership.

Scott Morrison and his government choose to brand GetUp as some sort of manufactured plot to undermine them. Hence the raids in the online group’s and a union’s Sydney offices, which were part of an ongoing and cynical attempt to draw a connection with the Labor Party and the Greens.

The lie continues mud slinging that has become the government’s political weapon of choice. There is no appetite for seriously debating the issues.

Another inquiry means four major attacks on GetUp in a short period, aimed at tewlling Asutralia that this is not an independent organisation. It was mentioned by the prime minister at the recent meeting of the South Australian Liberal Party Sate Council.

GetUp is accused of being an “associated entity.” This means it is really a Labor Party/greens front, and that it should be treated as a political party in its own right.

Evidence to prove this has not and can not be presented, becuase it isn’t true.

A point worth mentioning is that, big businesses contributions to certain political parties are not treated the same way. Loopholes to hide much of what is handed over are kept in place. The money spent by lobbyists to gain favours is kept from public view.

The inquiry will be conducted through the parliament’s government dominated Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, which will deliver already determined findings some time in mid-2020. The intention is to create grounds for tougher disclosure standards relating to funding and campaign material.

Anyone who knows anything about GetUp will tell you that, independence from all political parties is one of its core principles, and that without this, it would not have been able to achieve the success that it has enjoyed.

Attacking GetUp is one way to deflect attention from the really important issues, like the state of the economy, the declining standard of many government services, and the failure to act on climate warming.

It is also more than this. Growing nervousness within the government’s ranks is creating an atmosphere, where the fear of criticism is growing and resort to heavy handed ways to silence voices is becoming more pronounced.

This is why the defence of GetUp is important.

Please chip in to defend GetUp.

3 Comments on "Morrison’s attack on GetUp is still on"

  1. stephany panhuysen | 19 August 2019 at 6:09 pm | Reply

    he is a vandal posing as a hillsongster to try legitimize and justify his deeds. hillsong is a cult, much like scientology is. bad news.

  2. Jan Henderson | 20 August 2019 at 2:50 pm | Reply

    CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ALL PROVEN BY THE UN , all in the name of us Aussies .
    Refugees looking to us for safety and we have treated them so badly they die of broken hearts ,are maimed and so sick All done it seems knowingly by the LNP Government .
    Refugees are not illegal they would not ask us for help if they could be safe in their country , they would not suffer our cruelty if they
    could be safe in their country .

    Our quota of Refugees in lndonesia 6+ yrs languishing HAZARA’S MOST PERSECUTED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD FROM AFGHANISTAN THE NO 1 MOST DANGEROUS COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THEY CANT GO BACK THEY WILL BE KILLED. Think about that for a minute then demand they be brought here to safety.☹️

  3. Colin Stuart-Campbell | 23 August 2019 at 10:01 am | Reply

    The intention is to create grounds for tougher disclosure standards relating to funding and campaign material.
    Funding by individuals is perfectly legal, however, I should think the last thing this government would want is an enquiry into campaign material. Pretty much all of their last campaign were lies.

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