Video: Andrew Wilkie on new espionage laws

Photo by Nikki Davis Jones: Andrew Wilkie


He’s one of Australia’s most celebrated whistleblowers. And he has a warning for us.

Video from GetUp!

2 Comments on "Video: Andrew Wilkie on new espionage laws"

  1. Jill Treloar | 10 July 2018 at 12:51 pm | Reply

    I find these new bills extremely scary. They would take away our right to demonstrate opposal to any government initiative, a police state as you said Andrew.

  2. These laws are the same sort of thing that we saw in Europe as the world moved toward the Hitler era. Today they are moving the same way slowly, have been for a long time, now the pace is quickening. It is time we all took a very strong stand against these fascist style measures. Remember, there is only one way to really beat bad law, that is to defy it in a mass way as we did the “Penal Powers” laws of 1969. Today the working class have been much disempowered to try and prevent such action as 1969. We need to organise, organise, organise across unions and the wider community also. Fail and we will be stuffed. WE WILL NOT FAIL.

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