Video: This is a future to fight for

Here is a call from the activist online organisation GeUp, for Australians to come together to build an economy that works for everyone, not the one percent. It is suggested that this is a good time to be bold, meet the big challenges and put forward real concrete measures work towards a better future and deliver what we want. We do not need to accept a failing economy, which does not deliver fairness and what we need to pursue our potential as individuals and as a society.

The proposals put forward come from conversation with a large number of people and make an important contribution to an ongoing discussion we all need to be part of. Building an economy that works for us all is tied up with major social change and a new vision for the future. for too long, we have been told that nothing else is possible. It is. But change depends on us getting on with it.


Video from GetUp!

Imagine if we had an economy that worked for everyone – not just the 1%. It’s a big idea, and we face some big challenges. But it’s time we were bold about shaping the society we want, rather than the one we’re told we must endure.

Posted by GetUp! on Tuesday, May 1, 2018






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