Australia wide Living Incomes For Everyone Campaign will soon be launched


This is an exciting newly emerging movement that promises to change the face of Australian politics from the ground up. Dozen of unions, community and faith organisations have put their names to the LIFE demands and are part of this movement. More are joining every day. If your organisation wishes to put its name to the demands and join contact via:

[email protected]

The official launch will take place on 21 July. Go to this link for registration

1 Comment on "Australia wide Living Incomes For Everyone Campaign will soon be launched"

  1. Leigh sheridan | 14 July 2020 at 7:02 am | Reply

    Absolutely necessary in fact it could not be more glaringly obvious. I do not believe people will sit back and do nothing. People need to socialise… we do that at work at school at uni…. every day in the market olace. People are generally fair minded and generous and want to help each other. We have seen that during the bush fires and floods. They will want to help a country that looks after their needs and will work in some capacity. The poverty of women especially from 45 to 70 must be dealt with.

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