Climate warming fightback advancing but challenges remain

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The news coming in these days,  gives the clear  impression that around the world, people and even governments are starting to do more to cut back greenhouse emissions and prevent disastrous  global warming. Maybe it’s is not enough yet to stop the cthreat. But there is enough going on to give some confidence and  spur us to lift the game even further.

We can take comfort in the recognition that change has become unstoppable.

More than 30 countries have come together to phase out coal by 2030. They are adopting clean energy targets. Alternatives to fossil fuel, solar, wind and battery, are now cost effective and this is gong to provide a hip pocket incentive to switch over.

In Australia too, a mighty movement of people is making it increasingly difficult for major polluters to continue in the same way and to an extent that could not have been imagined, only a few years ago. The Australian population is demanding change and governments that are still hell bent on continuing in the old way, are finding themselves in a difficult place.

The tide has not turned yet. But it is obvious that the power to do this is in our collective hands. We just have to push a little harder. There are the battle grounds concerning the Adani coal mine and against coal seam gas, to name the two best known ones. There are others. Together they have built formidable organisation on the ground, involving thousands in taking collective action, to an extent that has not been seen for a very long time. This has created the basis for even more possibilities in the coming times.

The Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership has involved 70 regional and metropolitan councils, covering 7.5 million Australians, in implementing clean energy solutions. South Australia has just installed the biggest battery storage facility in the world and there are more projects in the works.

Unfortunately, even with all this, Australia’s carbon emissions have gone up for the third year in a row and the Turnbull government is set on helping its fossil fuel mates, no matter what, even in the face of overwhelming opposition from the population.

This is one of the reasons why it is moving to defund community organisations that do not do as they are told. The government is threatening tougher laws against protests and those who it accuses of causing economic harm. This reaction does not reveal strength, but shows weakness the government’s weakness.

Thisd weakness can be exploited to press for credible policies and action that will reduce harmful emissions, to where our country leaves a neutral carbon footprint.

Everyone has a role to play in making his come true.

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