Scott Morrison is talking war to save his own skin

Photo from the West Australian: Scott Morrison talks war against Russia

Contributed by Joe Montero

Scott Morrison is desperate and wants to divert attention from his governments failings by beating the drums of war. This is dangerous and the prime Minister should be held to account. The intention is clear. He hopes creating fear in the Australian community

This game is being played on two fronts, that is, encouraging conflict over China and Ukraine. Morrison wants to paint himself as the defender of Australia’s security and champion of democracy.

China is presented as a threat. Media grabs are used to continually promote this idea. No evidence is given to back the assertion because there isn’t any.

It’s the same story with the situation over Ukraine. The Australian government has been made partisan. Scott Morrison may be saying that Australia is not currently planning to send troops there but that other sorts of support will be provided. About the troops. Can we really trust that there won’t be a change of mind?

Again, Morrison presents himself as the defender of freedom and democracy.

To understand the scale of the lie, it is necessary to know something more about the two issues, than the carefully crafted narrative we are being fed.

We are told China is acting aggressively towards Australia. The truth is the other way around. It was Australia that began trade exclusion and sanctions. Remember Huawei and the 5G network? They were blocked because they were Chinese, and therefore accused of being a threat to Australia’s security. There were other moves of this sort. When China objects and responds to this sort of treatment, it is called bullying Australia.

Those who believe Morrison’s lie, have no interest in knowing what is really happening and have soaked up the prejudice and jingoism necessary to march fools into a war.

It was the Australia government that first expelled Chinese journalists form Australia and when China responded by expelling a few Australian journalists. When Australia does it’s defending national security. When the Chinese do it it’s an attack on free speech. See the double standard?

Australia participates in military drills and threat within sight of mainland China. Does China have a military presence in Cape York or the Great Australian Bight? These would be equivalents. The question answers itself.

Given that China does not have a military presence near Australia or anywhere else outside of China, except a small contingent in Africa, the only possible threat can be China’s economic growth. The real ambition must be to limit this. The problem with this twisted logic, is that China’s economic growth brings Australia trade and other opportunities. The Morrison course threatens this. If it keeps on, China will eventually turn to other sources for iron ore, other minerals, and economic opportunities.

The China threat is manufactured.

This is where Scott Morrison’s self-interest is wedded to the geopolitical ambitions of the United States. Australia has become a satellite of this power and the bread and butter of people like Scott Morrison is dependent on maintaining this satellite status, something that he shares with the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The situation developing over Ukraine is even more critical in the immediate sense. This is covered with its own mountain of misinformation. The story is presented like a Disney cartoon, with evil Russians led by a horrible Putin want to invade, just because they want to. The by-line is they must be stopped. The reality is war is being encouraged through provocation.

Australia has been flooded with war preparations propaganda.

But what led to the present Ukraine standoff? The big picture is the continuous United States dominated expansion of NATO forces across Russia’s borders. There has been direct interference in nations touching this line, by aggressively backing and physically supporting one political side against another, feeding instability, and opening for further NATO expansion.

In 2014, the pro-Nazi AZOV Battalion’s armed coup against the elected government was supported and armed by the United States and other western powers. Azov was them turned into the official national security force and leading power within the armed forces. A kind of election was held, where the victory of those approved was assured.

Photo from dan-news: Members of the AZOV Battalion, with the Nazi  Wolfsangel and Black Sun symbols on the vehicle

Today, an unpopular government faces election within two years and the polls are saying that the opposition, which wants to normalise relations with Russia, will win easily. The west wants to stop this from happening at all costs, including the possibility of starting a war.

Russia’s sending troops to the border was a reaction was a direct reaction to the arming of the AZOV Battalion and hostile naval forces in the Black Sea, within sight of Russian territory.

Imagine if the Russians had sent a fleet into the Caribbean and massed military forces along the Mexican and Canadian borders. There would be a quick military response. This is similar what Russia is facing.

Is this standing up for freedom and democracy?

Pulling NATO away from Russia’s borders and stopping the threats is the way to demilitarise both sides of the border.

Scott Morrison is fighting for political survival. Britain’s Boris Johnson is in an even worse situation, especially after exposure of the Covid parties at 10 Downing Street. Joe Biden is facing a failure of domestic policy and the likelihood of a pro-Trump resurgence in the mid-term elections next year. His foreign policy is in tatters, especially after the hasty retreat form Afghanistan. All stand to gain form the creation of a war diversion.

Personal interest does not exist in a vacuum. In this case it is tied to the interests of their backers, and this revolves around maintaining western geopolitical dominance at all costs, and this is making the world more dangerous than it has been for a long time. The drive to war is a serious threat that could easily transform into a new world war.

If this comes to pass, it will bring devastation to everyone., and this is a good reason to prevent it from happening.

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