Malcolm Turnbull to meet Donald Trump in New York

Contributed by Paul M

On his way to the United States to meet with US president Donald Trump, Australia’s prime minister has already had a chat with that country’s Vice-President Mike Pence at Sydney’s Admiralty House.

Following this meeting, Malcolm Turnbull indicated to the press that Australia was firmly in the American camp over the North Korea and South China Sea issues.

Turnbull will be in New York on 4 May and the meeting with Trump will follow within the next few days.

“My meeting with President Trump will provide an opportunity to reaffirm our alliance and the United States’ engagement with the Asia-Pacific,” he said in a statement.

This confirms that the purpose is to cement in an ally for a larger presence in policing with the Pacific region.

It has long been argued that these trips tend to occur at the start of a new reliance on military means to extend American influence, the Australian prime minister is summoned to Washington to receive the latest instructions as regional deputy sheriff. The practice has led to Australia’s involvement in a string of unpopular wars and policing exercises that have given rise to hostility and distrust from many of our neighbours.

Australia has not been involved in these adventures for the sake of those who live in these countries, but to secure the strategic interests of a super power and aid in the exploitation of resources.

Once again, we risk being used to provoke North Korea, as an excuse to increase the American military presence in and around the Korean Peninsula. Australia is also at risk of being dragged into war against China.

For our own safety and to contribute to the security of the world, the US Australia military alliance must be put to an end.

There is nothing wrong with the Australian prime minister meeting with the head of another nation. It’s part of the job. But this should be as equals. Not as what looks like on bended knee. Seeking agreement should be within the context of frank discussion that admits to differences.

Former prime minster Paul Keating has said the Australian Government should not keep “bowing down” to the Americans. He is right about this.

Australia’s interests do not lie in being caught up in the emerging military ambitions of Trump and those around him. These interests are in a peaceful world, where Australia works to build positive relationships with all our neighbours.



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