Video: Ukraine’s offensive begins: Burning NATO equipment vs. layered Russian defences

The following update is now a month old, but it does show how the offensive that Kyiv s supposed to have launched went into reverse, proving it a monumental failure, despite newly supplied armour and weapons from NATO.

Failure on the battlefield caused huge losses in human life and equipment. KIev is reputed to have lost about three battalions of soldiers.

The Russians appear to have had significant losses as well, though not on the scale of Kyiv, and they have successfully repelled the offensive.

Those who want to know the truth must see the claimed evidence coming from both sides and draw conclusions from this. This video is worth watching for an insight into what is going on.

More voices are calling for peace. This is a recognition that the only way to stop the war is through negotiation.

News in the west insists that the offensive is still on, although reporting on events is muted.

The fighting soon shifted away front the dividing line between the two armies. It is not over yet. Skirmishes continue in some pockets, although the main battle form from the Kyiv side is the launching of missiles and some attacks on civilians in Russian territory.

Kyiv still has capacity to continue for some time, although not enough to turn this so-called offensive around.

Nor does NATO have the ability to supply Ukraine with the equipment and ammunition to sustain operations for any length of time or to hold gained territory against a Russian counter-offensive.

Video from The New Atlas

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