Trump must be stopped from coming to Australia

Photo from The Australian: Malcolm Turnbull in Washington
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While in Washington last year, Malcolm Turnbull invited American president Donald Trump to visit Australia, while he is on his way to the APEC in Papua New Guinea in November.

A big deal is going to be made of it. Trump will use this for his political schemes and Australia will be locked into more firmly into the Trump and Wall Street backed vision of American of global domination.

Most Australians want no part of this vision, and this means that Turnbull and his government do not act for us. We do not want to be used by someone who is quickly becoming a global pariah, seen as the biggest threat to world stability and peace, a threat to democratic rights and leading efforts to prevent the cutting of the greenhouse emissions that are threatening our planet.

There is worldwide revulsion over the way he is treating migrant children, through forceful separation from their parents and putting them in internment camps. This comes on the back of his treatment of women and support of the gun lobby, not to mention economic policies that take from the poor to give to the very rich.

There are good reasons why Donald Trump has now become the most unpopular serving president in American history.

It is only proper that Australians who want no part of this to pressure our politicians to pull the invitation. Other leaders and governments around the world have don’t want Trump. Britain, under Conservative prime minister Theresa May did it, after more than a million signed a petition.

Surely the same can happen in Australia and stop our country from becoming a joke around the world.

A petition is now circulating. Sign it via this link at Megaphone, and pass it onto your friends.

If by any chance the visit is not stopped, Trump needs to hear the message load and clear. He must be told to get out of Australia.




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  1. i want the petition. pleas.

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