Joe Biden’s stolen documents are one more indicator of the state of American politics

Photo from Bloomberg: United States President Joe Biden

Contributed by Joe Montero

President Joe Biden is having a Hard time. Already hampered by a reputation of doing far to little at home and an aggressive posture in foreign policy, he is now facing allegations over the removal of secret documents. Justice Department officials with classification marking have been found in his home at Wilmington in Delaware and in An office in Washington.

The problem is that the removal of these documents into private custody is illegal. Secondly, they date back to 1973 when Biden was a Senator, and cover 2009 to 2017, during which, he was Vice president in the Obama administration.

The Secret Service at Biden’s home

Given that Donald Trump is being investigated for similar transgression, the current President is not looking good. It is so bad that a growing body within the Democratic Party is now openly saying he must no stand for re-election in 2024.

The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll has Biden’s approval rating at 40 percent, and it would be far lower was it not for the widespread dislike of Donald Trump and the Republicans. Only 28 percent believe they are doing a good job according to the dame polling agency. The Ipsos results are similar to findings by other pools.

There is also concern that some of the documents may contain information shedding light on Biden’s involvement in events in Ukraine during 2014 and after. This was the time of the so-called Maiden Revolution, where the elected head of state and government were overthrown by western backed gunmen and a subsequent fake election held. It was fake because the major parties and any others having a counter view were banned and hounded. The gunmen were from the neo-Nazi Svoboda Party.

The question is how far was Biden involved in this? It is important because the present Ukraine conflict emerged out of these events.

Donald Trump may come out as the winner in this. His chances to stand again for election as the President have received a boost.

Arguing that Biden’s case is different form Trump’s because Biden and his people agreed to cooperate with the investigation sooner, is really a distraction.

Both cases  indicate he depth to which the political system has plummeted. The truth is that there is a growing disconnection between the workings of the political machines and most Americans. This is something that the Trump machine has been able to manipulate in the past and may do so again, taking advantage of  a new wave of discontent.

Meanwhile, the Democrats increasingly reveal their paralysis and incapacity to deliver. This will remain for as long as they are the captives of Wall Street. Rump may represent another faction of Wall Street. The difference is his greater capacity to present as the agent of change. It may be false, and here certainly are elements of fascism. But many Americans are looking for alternatives and the Democrats offer little but more of the same.

This is a dangerous situation for the nation and the world. It will only be overcome when Americans come together for a new vision and go for it. This is unlikely to come form the Democrats.

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