Video: Unprincipled media exposed over South Australia Coke closure


From ABC Media Watch

This is a good case of unethical reporting. Or is it alternative facts? They had a story to tell and obviously believe that they shouldn’t let the truth get in the way. Not only this. It looks like the stunt was coordinated across a range of News Corporation outlets.


Electricity a factor in Coke shutting its SA plant?

(3-1/2 mins) Did South Australia's Electricity prices and reliability have a factor in Coke closing its old South Australian plant? Ask Coke executives, and it's a clear "NO".But here's how rusted-on to COAL Sky News, The Australian and Ray Hadley are. When getting the answer "NO", it wasn't good enough for them. Laura Jayes of Sky News kept asking, and she didn't get the answer she wanted. Ray Hadley and The Australian didn't accept the answer "NO", and expressed it as Coke just being "tactful".What sort of a chance do renewables have when you've got the right-wing media ganging up on them as blatantly as this? They've tried to turn a non-story around and lie about the reason why Coke closed its factory down. And remember, it's not just this issue where this is done. The Australian has ALWAYS hated renewable energy, and keeps trying to deny Climate Change is real.LAURA JAYES: What about the energy network in South Australia, has this been a problem for you, how concerning is the reliability and the cost of energy in South Australia?ALISON WATKINS: Energy obviously is an input cost for us but it’s not what’s driving this decision …LAURA JAYES: Not driving this decision, but has it been a concern for you? Has it been … obviously you looked …ALISON WATKINS: I’d have to say, it hasn’t been, it hasn’t been a major concern for us.LAURA JAYES: No, but we saw recent blackouts, is that effecting, did that effect your business, the ones, the last three months and then the big one last year?ALISON WATKINS: No. These are not factors driving the decision at all.LAURA JAYES: Not this decision, but you know, business as a whole, the energy market in Australia?— Sky News, 22 February, 2017FUll transcript here:

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