Rupert Murdoch Petition attracts enough support to make a change

Photo by Jewel Samad/ AFP: Rupert Murdoch

Contributed by Ben Wilson

Kevin Rudd’s petition for a Royal commission into Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is making history. More than 380,00 have already signed, making this the biggest ever petition to an Australian parliament.

The former Prime Minister is being knocked by some for doing this. It is obvious that this would come from defenders off Murdoch. Their motives are clear.

Others who could hardly be called pro-Murdoch are also weighing in to denigrate the petition. To them, Kevin Rudd is a one time representative of the Murdoch stable who failed to act as Prime Minister. He is not the only one who might fit this description.

It has long been known that any aspiring Prime Minister and government, don’t have a snowball in hell’s chance, without Murdoch patronage to get into office and then stay there.

Murdoch is a corrupting influence.

WikiLeaks exposed how a line of former Prime Ministers and contenders made a beeline to get the stamp of approval from the U.S. Embassy, even before telling their own party. Murdoch is a major part of American interests over Australia. the leaked cables also showed the degree of American involvement in the internal political affairs of Australia.

The connection between this and the Murdoch empire is Murdoch’s role as an important part of American interests in Australia. Control over the news available to the public and the ability to exert diplomatic pressure, provides the means to manipulate the Australian political system.

News Corp is the principle promoter of the politics of hate, climate denial, social retrogression, international tension, and war, and is therefore dangerous.

To his credit, Kevin Rudd has been able to see it and climb out of the cesspool. This is what’s important. Everyone who is concerned about the toxic power of Murdoch has a duty to sign the petition.

Malcolm Turnbull has now lent his support. His experience has been like Rudd’s. He too was dependent on Murdoch and Murdoch was the conductor in the Morrison coup against him.

Photo from AAP: Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull

They make a formidable team. At the very least, the petition will make the politicians still in the quagmire extremely uncomfortable. More Australians will come to understand how compromised the political system is.

Public demand for something to be done about what Rudd called “a cancer on democracy,” will strengthen. It may even help to create an environment, where there are more initiatives to embrace alternative media.

News Corp outlets are already losing their base. If a Royal Commission is forced on reluctant politicians, it may well bring to light more dirt. We saw this happen at last year’s Royal Commission in to the banks. The government lost its plan to use it to bury the issue.

Little government short-term action will come out of it. The report will most likely be buried. But Murdoch’s credibility and effectiveness will suffer a blow, and this will be good for Australia

7 Comments on "Rupert Murdoch Petition attracts enough support to make a change"


  2. The Australian ppl deserve the right to have a democracy that is independent of MURDOCH INTERFERENCE. Remember MURDOCH is no longer an Australian citizen.
    We deserve to have an independent election process which includes also getting rid of CLIVE PALMER. IT also means that our AEC must step up n prohibit any level of corruption from any party participating in the electoral process including rorts n use of AEC STYLE placards.
    MURDOCH MUST ALSO VE PTEBENTED FROM conducting media interference with their fake gutter style media stories. All feedback media coverage must be called out with FACT CHECKING.

  3. Jerry and the pacemaker have a use by date!

  4. A very well-written petition article.
    Murdoch’s empire has become a cancer throughout the world, wherever his tentacles reach. Right-wing, biased, populist, conspiracy theorist supporter crap.
    I don’t think any Australian could have the media control that this ex-Aussie has, let alone a foreign entity. He needs to be stripped of his power and monopolistic control of the media in Oz. Treat him like any foreign entity. At least one of his sons hs the sense to walk away from his toxic empire.

  5. Bridgette Fahey-Goldsmith | 27 October 2020 at 6:41 pm | Reply

    Not the biggest petition my friend. We are still 9000 signatures short of Petition EN1041 – Declare a Climate Emergency, which got 404538 in October, 2019! Fingers crossed we smash it!

  6. It is awful to see how an individual solely motivated by self interest can create a poisonous political climate over three continents. The world needs a serious shock to break the current anti democratic movements he has espoused and help to recapture the global ideals that evolved to keep order after WWII.

  7. All Australians who value democracy and the love of our unique environmemnt will realise that Australia is going down the plug hole in many ways. One of the ways to reverse this destruction is to stop Murdoch, the other way is to get rid of the LNP who allow Murdoch to control them through the IPA. Murdoch’s father founded the IPA under the guise of a tax free think tank, who funnel $billions to the LNP and demand the LNP adopt it’s list of a 100 agenda.

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