Video: If we don’t work together we are going to die together

Roger Hallam talks about how the October Rebellion is based on the “movement of movements” theme and why this focus is crucial to our success. In his inimitable direct yet larrikin style, Roger emphasises that now is the time for all of us to unite, to put any ideological differences between us into their proper context and to suspend any animosity towards others with different points of view. Or as Roger puts it, “We don’t have time to be snotty”. Solidarity, unity in diversity, compassion and love for all life… these are our antidotes to the massive climate and ecological crisis that confronts us.

Video by Extinction Rebellion

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  1. We can’t trust Extinction Rebellion they will leaving put in faith in politicians and trying to lobby them for action on climate change but I also believe that they should tell them media to tell the truth on climate change with no interest whatsoever in the existence of class the ruling class has no interest whatsoever in stop in Runaway climate change they don’t look at the fact that Australia is not a democracy it’s a plutocracy the mining lobby Run Australia and got Scott Morrison re-elected Clive Palmer was one of their main agents also the fact that the media will never tell the truth on climate change because it’s run by Rupert Murdoch James Packer and the Fairfax family or all part of the ruling class of Australia communist must break with Extinction Rebellion and not collaborate or support a movement that has no class ideologies whatsoever that would go to liberal principles that even says but they want to get rid of the radical left in Australia to try use radical social democracy to stop runaway climate change we need the working class to stand up against climate change and hold the ruling class accountable for the destruction of this planet remaining lobbies who actually went and got a Danny approved by VIN leaning on the Labour Party in the Liberal Party of course they had this in the bag from from day 1 knowing very well and mining lobby control both the labour and liberal party and control the Australian parliamentarians system Extinction Rebellion have no comprehension whatsoever of what class is and no comprehension whatsoever I’ll be ideology of Australia’s ruling class who control the means of production in Australia and are the real ones running this country are the corporations who owned the government and who home media

  2. Although I can understand Sam’s concern, I believe it is misplaced. Although Extinction Rebellion has emerged from the middle class, it is shaping up to be a broad school. There are differences. There is also unity on some basic and important principles. 1. Pushing for government, big business and other powerful institutions to admit the truth and act on it. 2. The method is not to lobby, but to compel through rebellion and making it impossible to continue with business as usual. This is based on the notion that politicians,big business leaders can’t be trusted and are part of the problem. 3. There is recognition that in order to deal with the climate emergency there must be a different kind of economy. There is a fundamental anti-capitalist component. 4. There is recognition that we do not live in a truly democratic society and democracy must be brought about through people’s power. Without this as well, the climate crisis will not be able to be stopped. Given that thousands are signing up, Extinction Rebellion represents a major shift in ideology and political method. I would encourage all to join and take part in building the direction.

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