GetUp and journalist’s union act up on political police raids

Australia's Federal Police are being used to silence political opposition

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Activist group GetUp, is turning on the heat for action to counter this week’s raids on the ABC and home of a journalist.

GetUp experienced politically inspired Federal Police action against itself in 2017, when it and the Australian workers Union were similarly raided. It came out that minister Michaela Cash’s office had been directly involved, not only on the police action, but also in making sure that a large media contingent was present to provide footage for trial of the victims by media.

Federal Police raid on the ABC

Video from Guardian News

The latest raids build on the pattern. They concerned the leaking of contents of classified documents, relating to what looks like criminal behaviour of Australian forces in Afghanistan in 2017 and the government’s intention to spy on Australians with military technology.

Critics have questioned the trimming of the raids, with some suggesting that they be an attempt to distract from controversy over the recent election and intention to proceed with unpopular policies.

Most critics see the raids as a continuation of Australia’s drift in the direction of big brother government and the associated curtailment of civil liberties. They warn that failure to turn this around will bring about an escalation of these sort of raids.

GetUp has launched a petition calling for a Media Freedom Act. It can be accessed through this link.

The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, the union which represent journalists, has launched a press freedom campaign. The union played an important role in the public response to the raids, and declared, that “journalists must stand together to condemn these assaults on our profession and the public interest.”   

My police state

Video from thejuicemedia

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