Adani has been caught up in yet another corruption scandal

Contributed by Ben Wilson

Opposition to the Adani coal mine continues, although it is not making so Many headlines at the present. As well as maintaining the pressure on Adani, businesses working or seeking to work on the Carmichael coal mine project are paid a great deal of attention. There is 25 banks, engineering and other companies that have rules themselves out, and the list continues to grow.

The less than honest way this outfit operates has contributed to itd bad reputation.

A new scandal is gripping India, Adani’s home turf. Twenty-five companies, including some in the Adani group, have been charged with corrupt behaviour involving public officials and the supply of coal.

According to investigators, there has been a criminal conspiracy to defraud in relation to the supply of coal.

Adani Enterprises, One of the Adani group, was charged in January, along with a former chairman of National Consumer Cooperative Federation for alleged irregularities in floating tenders for supply of coal to Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation (APGENCO) in July 2010.

There is a long list of corruption charges and allegations involving Adani companies.

This latest case involves abuse of position to inflate the price of electricity to consumers and profiteering by the companies involved.

In an interview with News Click, the chairman of the All India Power Engineers’ Federation, Padamjit Singh said; “Corruption in coal supply to power stations results in increasing the cost of electricity to power consumers while filling corporate coffers.”

He added that the Madhya Pradesh government should cancel its power purchasing agreement in the Chhindwara project with Adani group.

This may well cause more problems for Adani in Australia. It should. This is not a fit entity to be given the green light to operate in Australia, to run a questionable multi-million-dollar project and enjoy the cutting of corners and big handouts from the Australian government. Especially when it involves the prospect of major environmental damage and a significant contribution to Australia’s carbon footprint.

5 Comments on "Adani has been caught up in yet another corruption scandal"

  1. In those immortal words of Australia’s Prime Minister, “Stop it, just stop it”

  2. Patricia Farrar | 26 March 2020 at 4:20 pm | Reply

    “There ARE 25 banks……”

  3. We are reading about what they have done in India in this article, how hard has anyone- the anti corruption people for instance in Australia looked into the approvals to mine etc that they have processed in Australia ?

  4. The late Rex Connor, Minister for mines under Gough Whitlam must be spinning in his grave. He’d have taken great personal pleasure in physically throwing that Indian shyster out of his office by the scruff of his neck and the seat of his pants – and Adani wouldn’t have landed short of the forecourt!

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