School students defy Morrison and stay determined do walk out of class

Photo by Darren Howe: striking students make their presence outside the office of Bendigo local member of parliament Senator Bridget McKenzie


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Scott Morrison put his foot right in his big mouth, coming out and lecturing young Australian not to take part in the school student strike for action on climate change.

He went on to say, “what we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools.” It doesn’t take a genius to work out that school is about learning to become a member of society. Sensible people would think that learning to find a voice is an important part of it.

Not that there is a lot of listening to Scott Morrison going on.

Young people have planned a series of strikes starting today, walking out of classes to draw attention to the failure of our politicians to act on a threat that threatens their and the planet’s future. They are calling their effort Strike 4 Climate Action.

Scott Morrison wants to put a stop to it, because it shows him up. This is a political embarrassment, and his has been having a few of these lately. These kids are not hoodwinked by the hot gas coming out of Canberra.

Organisers suggest that if more politicians listen to the evidence being presented by scientists, they may change their tune.

They say, “we are temporarily sacrificing our education in order to save our futures from climate change. Peoples’ lives are on the line. It’s time to act before it’s too late.”

Polls suggest that most Australians now accept that warming is human induced, and the number is getting bigger every day.

Participation is raising the collective voice is a great educator. The prime minister and the rest of his government are locked away in their isolation and increasingly removed from the Australian community. They are not listening. If they continue to not listen, the day of reckoning will come.

Many of us are right behind our kids. They do proud, and it rekindle the spark in those of  us who have been around a little longer.

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  1. Let us get to the steps of Parliament House tomorrow Noon and sho the federal Govt that the youngsters have our support.

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