The Climate Council is launching the Australian Energy Forum

The Liddell Power Station in New South Wales
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The Australian Energy Forum, which will bring some of the best energy exerts in Australia together in one room, to discuss what is needed to cut emissions from the electricity sector.

This will give a boost to the efforts of the many people, trying to bring about a change to climate policy in this country.

We need it. Especially when we have a bloody minded and industry financed government, insisting on pushing on with fossil fuels, no matter what.

The Australian Energy Forum is a critical step in bringing together  voices to pressure policy makers, as the design of the proposed National Energy Guarantee enters its final stage.

It is shaping up to continue the refusal to act on turning towards renewables. This must not be allowed to continue unchallenged. According to a revelation during Senate Estimates last week, the government has not even done any modelling on the impact of its scheme on its own inadequate 26 percent emissions reduction target.

The Climate council suggests that to have any impact, a reduction target of 60 percent is needed by 2030.

With the government drags its heels on climate action, it is essential for others to take the initiative. This is already happening. For example, currently, there are 500 solar rooftop installations happening every day. This is a 32 percent increase from last year. Wind power and battery storage are growing.

There is clear community support for change.

One outcome of this has been, AGL’s plan to close the Liddell power station in 2022, and replace it with a mix of renewable energy, storage and gas. AGL has faced considerable government pressure to keep the power station operating, despite it being shown to pollute at three times the global standard.

Good conditions to push ahead with many more initiatives exist, and this adds towards Australia eventually coming up with a plan that will do the job, of bringing about meaningful emissions reduction.


The locals want the Liddell power station gone. The owners want it shut down. And it will cost almost a billion dollars to hold together with sticky tape for the next ten years.

Video from the Climate Council



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