Should Australia assist in US attacks on Iran?

Photo from Reuters: Donald Trump warns Iran of pending military attack
From the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN)

Whilst hoping that it may be inaccurate, IPAN is disturbed at the news that the USA is planning an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. It is outraged at the report that Australia probably will be actively involved in this planning,” said Nick Deane, National Committee member of the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed between Iran and the five members of the US Security Council and Germany in 2015, was reached after extensive and patient negotiations conducted in good faith. It showed the world that negotiation is a better path to peace than threats of violence and war.

The USA unilaterally withdrew from the agreement in May and is reportedly planning to conduct an attack. The good work of diplomacy is being undone by this threat of extreme violence.

Former senior diplomat, Richard Broinowski has said:

For the USA to bomb Iran would be a blatant abuse of international law and a ridiculous over-reaction to Iran’s nuclear situation. Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons. It has agreed to substantially interrupt its civil nuclear program, a program it is legally entitled to pursue as a member of the NPT. France, Britain, Germany, China, and Russia, all agree that Iran has abided by the terms of the JCPOA.”

It is reported that Australia, through the Pine Gap facility, could assist in the planning phase.

From IPAN’s perspective, this would represent Australia’s active participation in the USA’s plans. If the attack goes ahead, it would make this country an accomplice in an unjustified act of international aggression. The Australian government should reject being complicit in such an illegal act of aggression,” said Mr Deane.

Iran poses no threat to Australia. Australia has no business involving itself in conducting an attack. The situation illustrates the fact that the Joint US-Australia Pine Gap communications base drags Australia into illegal US military activities.

If, as the government claims, Australia truly supports ‘the international rules-based order,’ it would uphold the JCPOA and reject any request to assist the USA in this illegal act of hostility,” Mr Deane said.

7 Comments on "Should Australia assist in US attacks on Iran?"

  1. Merrilyn Wasson | 31 July 2018 at 6:50 am | Reply

    Heaven forbid that Australia should in any way support an action of the demented douchebag in the White House. Attacking Iran would worsen every conflict in the M-E and at a time when it is becoming a more moderate entity.

  2. Jenny Dewhurst | 31 July 2018 at 7:37 am | Reply

    Australia needs to stop being the lap-dog of the USA. Pine Gap should be closed.

  3. USA should fight its own wars, that they instigate, or insight! Do not monopolise our Australian government with ultimatums or else! there are consequences!

  4. Pine Gap is a joint facility between the US and Australia. It is basically run by the US intelligence community – it just happens to be on Australian soil.

  5. Definately not just another attempt to control the world by Americas standards. Let Australia stay out of other peoples battles this is crazy

  6. Clive Hulett
    Just now ·
    If Australia has a modicum of integrity, it will reject this possibility out of hand.

    War with Iran would be, from its outset, a crime against humanity and an egregious war crime.

    Australia, keep out.

  7. John mcquire | 1 August 2018 at 4:42 pm | Reply

    No way we should participate in an attack on Iran who poses no threat to us

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