Video: France’s yellow vests are still out in the streets

For 35 weeks now the Yellow vest (Jilets Jaunes) movement in France has been coming out into the streets on Saturdays. They were out in this year’s Bastille Day (14 July), France’s most important national day and marking the outbreak of the French Revolution.

No matter the amount of tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets the Macron government sends to police to use and the political maneuverings, the movement remain resilient and keeps on going.

The following shows what happened in Paris last Saturday.

Video from Sputnik Mundo

The arrests continue

Video from Ruptly

At least 150 were arrested on Bastille Day.

The Yellow Vest movement has proved to be a major political force, increasingly coming out with a clear agenda to being about major political change in France.

Emmanuel Macron has announced tax cuts in another bid to appease the situation. It has had no effect.

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