People all over Europe are starting to resist NATO’s proxy war

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Europeans have been out in the streets in big numbers this week, showing their opposition to government backing the regime in Ukraine and the proxy war and the expansion of NATO. Even with the Covid pandemic still not over. Thousands have been out in the streets across a range of European cities. The direction public opinion is shifting.

An important feature of these rallies and marches is that it brought together the political left and right. It began with a huge crowd gathering at Wenceslas Square in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, on Saturday September. More than 100,000 Czechs came out against their government’s support for the Zelensky government in Kyiv and demanded Czech neutrality.

The extent of the censorship means it is extremely hard to get access news. Despite this, bits and pieces are slipping through. A few examples are included here.

Meanwhile, in Kyiv, citizens who vote in a referendum in Donetsk and Lugansk, plus the Zaporozhye, Kharkov and Kherson Regions, have been threatened with up to 12 years imprisonment. So much for defending democracy.

Opposition to the proxy war is not new. The difference now is that it is growing and coming into the mainstream of public opinion.

The marches in Prague and other European cities after this were subject to near total censorship by global big media. This is no surprise. This media is an active  participant in the war and a propaganda tool for its waging, feeding a false narrative and burying inconvenient facts. Its zealous backing of the Zelenskyy government in Kyiv, promoting the supply of military hardware and other material backing to wage war, and pretending that this is merely against the invasion of evil Russians and for peace and freedom, covers the following.

This is a civil war that has been going since the 2014 western backed coup against the then elected Ukrainian government and continuing through subsequent elections where no real opposition was allowed to participate. Whether one believes Russian troops should be there or not, they came after years of pleading by the ethnic Russian population in Ukraine and other opponents of the regime over the years. The expansion of NATO and military encirclement of Russia, which began well before this conflict, was a major provocation bound to elicit a response.

This is what has been buried.

Any reference t it is dismissed as Russian propaganda and those involved in any way to promote the official story are branded as Russian agents. This shows that there is something to hide.

After Prague, marchers took to the streets of Cologne in Germany, to demand that the German Olaf Scholz government to lift sanctions against Russia.

Another big march took place in Paris.

Similar protests have been made in other European countries, including Britain and Ireland.

Opposition to the sanctions is being further fed by growing discontent about the rising cost of living and souring fuel prices, brought about by sanctions on Russian oil and interruption to the gas supply.

It is worth mentioning that a range of significant countries are ignoring the sanctions. This includes India, China, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Israel and the oil producers have refused to fill the gap of missing Russian oil. A growing list of European countries are bending to public opinion and will soon join the list.

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