Call for Australia to join in stopping war during the Corona virus crisis

Aboard a US navy ship near Sydney

Contributed from Victoria

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) has endorsed the appeal of the United Nations Secretary General, for all nations to cease war, while the corona virus is infecting the world.

In line with this, IPAN is asking Australians to contribute towards making this a reality for Australia.

A good contribution can be made by sending an email to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Marise Payne. More can be found out by going to IPAN’s website. The same can be sent to the news desks of the major media outlets.

Photo by Audrey Ward: Australian soldier shooting in Iraq

Australia’s major contribution to war is the operation of a range of military installations on Australian soil, firmly entrenching the activities of the United States military here, and locking Australia into a dependent partnership.

Especially now that the United sates has become the epicentre of the Corona virus spread, personnel coming from that country insignificant numbers, pose a considerable risk to the Australian community. This should be stopped.

A statement from the Network gives the following reasons.

“The U.S. base at Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, provides battlefield intelligence to the U.S. military and targeting information to the U.S. drone warfare operators at Nevada, USA.

“Tindal air base, near Katherine, is used by U.S. fighter jets and is being upgraded to support U.S. bombers including those capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

“The Minister for Foreign Affairs has refused to confirm that Australia will cease war operations in response to the United Nations’ call, and refuses to confirm or deny that U.S. personnel, including military and CIA for deployment at Pine Gap, will be allowed into Australia at this time.”

IPAN asks that when sending a message to the minister, the following should be asked.

“Will the government support the United Nations call for a ceasefire on war operations to enable concentration on the fight against corona virus and will the government ban U.S.personnel from entering Australia for their deployment at Pine Gap or Tindal air base? It should do so to prevent importing corona virus with them.”

Pine Gap’s main compound

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