White supremacist militias becoming an auxiliary to US police shootings

Jacob Blake with one of his and with the other two

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The situation is going form bad to worse in the United States. As the movement ignited by the killing on a black man George Floyd continues, brutal attacks and killings at police hands have continued.

Among the latest spate, a shooting at Kenosha in Wisconsin (midway between Milwaukee and Chicago), 29 year-old Jacob Blake ended up fighting for his life.

All he was doing was heading for his car. Police later claimed they thought he might be robbing the car. They had pumped 7 bullets into his back. No one has said he was committing a crime or acting in any way contrary to the police.

There is some talk about Blake having earlier separating two women in a domestic dispute. But this has no relevance to the shooting.

The moment Jabob Blake was about to be shot in the back by police is captured in his photo

Racial stereotyping seems to be the cause. A black man approaching a car is regarded as doing something wrong. His three children were in the back seat of the car at the time and saw it all.

Many responded, both black and white, by coming out into the streets. They demanded that justice be done. The response of the authorities and police was to clear the streets.

Policing was applied in a way guaranteed to inflame the situation. There was no empathy. No effort to calm the situation. Tempers flared. This is typical of the situation across the United Sates at present.

Another ugly emerging feature of the American situation, is the rise of armed white supremacy militia, which are able to act with a high degree of impunity.

Militia gather at service station to take on Black Lives Matter protest

From the beginning at Kenosha, they were there, pointing their guns at those out against the police killings. There has been collaboration between police and the gun toting white supremacists. The unfolding of events were witnessed and caught on video.

Two Shot Dead in Kenosha as Armed Militias Confront BLM Protests over Police Shooting of Jacob Blake

Video from Democracy Now!

This is happening across the United States and encouraged by the President himself.  Time and time again, he has called the white supremacists ‘good patriots.’ It marks the changing landscape of American politics. This can only be called a fascist movement, with official backing.

There is resistance too. The Black Lives matter movement is part of it, and underlines the deepening political divide.

After the shooting of Jacob Blake, a militia member went on a rampage, shot a man in the head at almost point blank range. His shooting continued. Another died. Others were injured. What did the police do? Nothing. They went on the get the protesters instead.

Protesters shot by gunman


Seventeen year old Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested later, and then charged with two counts of murder. The evidence and outcry were far too overwhelming for any other response.

Donald Trump’s reaction has been to send in federal paramilitary and boast that “We will not stand for looting, arson, violence, and lawlessness on American streets.” Apparently, they will stand for gun toting white supremacists.

For Americans expecting a stronger response, this must be disappointing.

Bidden’s words about dismantling institutional racism sound fine. There is nothing wrong with calling for the punishment of police involved in unjust injuring and killing.

Joe Biden condemns police shooting of Jacob Blake

Video from the Los Angeles Times

For Americans expecting a stronger response, this must be disappointing.

To then turn around and use the situation to focus mainly on attacking protesters for being violent is wrong. It takes the situation out of its context. This is not to praise violence. Taking the situation in its context is to appreciate that there is reason for the anger, and that it is the failure of justice that is the cause. This is what Biden is denying.

Tasking a real stand goes past nice sounding words and generalisations, to stand solidly behind the victims. Otherwise, the words are no more than hot air.

It seems that many Americans are starting to see it this way, and the Democrat political base in African Hispanic and working class communities is starting to slip away. If the fence sitting continues, they may just be handing over a gift to Donald Trump, and the white supremacist militias too.

By taking advantage of  this and the use electoral cheating to do the rest, Donald Trump may manage to stay in the White House for at least another four years.

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  1. As I understand it he threatened the police and said he was going for his gun in the car. If that’s the case then it’s his fault. If it’s not true it should easily be proven.

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