Youth groups to run climate campaign this September

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The Australian youth Climate Council (AYCC) and the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network (SEED), are launching s new campaign against what it calls dirty gas projects. The reason is that the Morrison government moving to expand the industry. The campaign is called “Speak Up for Climate Justice.”

Support for this cause is important. The AYCC and SEED have an impressive track record of not just talking about climate issues. They take on action to make a difference.

Through generating growing public support, they aim to exert pressure on the government and contribute to a major shift in opinion across Australia.

The plan is to involve thousands for 50,000 national conversations in communities. This means, encouraging people to reach out to friends, family, work mates and neighbours, to bring more into the fight for climate justice, and raising funds to campaign more effectively.

Speak up for Climate Justice is geared mainly, although not exclusively, to young people. Anyone interested can join online.

This campaign can be linked to exposing the way in which the Morrison government is bankrolling gas corporations with billions of dollars. Money that could be put to far better use in the present circumstances.

The Morrison government has made itself vulnerable by its dirty dealings, and in terms of its performance, it’s losing public credibility. Bailouts to big business don’t go down so well, when so many ordinary Australians face having the rug pulled out form under them. Money that should have helped ease the burden, is being diverted into fossil fuels.

“We can’t let this happen,” is what the campaign is saying. Billions should not be handed out to billionaires, and help them damage the environment, take land from Indigenous people, hurt everyone else.

The only way to do this is by taking up the battle now and beyond 2020.

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