Video: Los Borbones son unos Ladrones


Prominant Spanish  rapper  who goes by the name of  Valtonyc,  was recently jailed for three years for a song against the country’s monarchy. The King had recently gone to Barcelona, insulted the people there who want their independence and faced widespread protests. The Royal family has also been caught up in the corruption scandals involving hundreds of politicians and officials.

Many if the county’s leading rappers have come to defence and joined in the opposing the royal family. Hence the title, which translates to “the Bourbons are thieves.”  The Spanish Royal family are part of this European wide dynasty.

The song goes even further, with words, which call for the creation of a new politics and building a new society. They confront the rising use of repression by the state to silence dissent. This is a call for freedom of expression.

Video From Propaganda pel fet!


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