Video: Rockhampton farmer has go at politicians for supporting mining and not growing food


Central Queensland Grazier Mick Alexander asks the question. Why do our governments consistently give preferential access to our land and water resources to companies like Adani and not support the industry that we will always need to feed us?

Video from FarmersClimateAction‏ 

3 Comments on "Video: Rockhampton farmer has go at politicians for supporting mining and not growing food"

  1. Get rid of all foreign interests in our country and we must stop this destruction of our land and water the mining must cease and for the benefit of servival and our children’s heritage we must plant trees 🌲 we must go green and we must start now as we have very little time left to turn it around. First move is get rid of this government now both state and federal nlp must go now,

  2. Mining: Short-term gain for long-term pain?

  3. We have to stop the money from Mining and other big business deals, there is a huge suspicion that there is dirty work at the crossroads. Politicians, allegedly accepting all sorts of payments from a wide range of businesses, be that developers, mining corporations, whatever, the suspicion is palpable. Then we have these outrageous ”expense” claims from politicians. We are still reeling from the gut wrenching acts from our banks, if you can’t trust you bank, who can you trust.How many Farmers are still fighting to get their farms back, after having the banks, walk on to their properties and order them off their farms, only with the clothes they were wearing. So much heartless dishonesty and blatant grabs for property, to take it and sell it off to a foreign country..I could go on forever, so I ask, WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET RID OF THE POLITICAL GARBAGE, AND START AGAIN…AN ELECTION NOW.

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