No one is happy with the NBN

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Every day, more people are complaining about the National Broadband Network (NBN). And why shouldn’t they? It is a joke.

The new network was supposed to deliver a faster and more efficient service. But the whole thing got so watered down by the Turnbull government that it has failed, before it even got up.

Expert advice that said mixing fibre optics with copper was not going to provide what was claimed, because the copper part slows down speed and losses information, exactly what the NBN was supposed to overcome.

All the talk about having the best of both worlds is rubbish. There is only one system and all those on the old, will eventually be cut off it.

The inefficiency of the new system is behind its failures, which have already generated 27,195 complaints in the last financial year in relation to delays in setting up and operation, compared to 10,487 for the previous one. Quite an achievement in such a short time. This is a 160 percent markup.

More and more users of the National Broadband Network (NBN) are unhappy with their service and are protesting in record numbers.

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network said the massive increase in complaints showed consumer safeguards needed updating.

Australia is still left with a substandard network that ranks among the worst in the world. This means that billions will soon have to be spent on building its replacement. So much for the claim that what we have was a means to save money.

The price must to pay as Australian citizens is not just that we are saddled with a lemon. The inferior system is going to cost the economy and hurt international trade, because Australia will be hard put to compete on the more advanced global network that transmits information more quickly and accurately than Australia can compete with.

It is a scandal


4 Comments on "No one is happy with the NBN"

  1. We have been waiting since 22/8/17 to them fix what they stuffed when they put it in the street. Fed up & we still have NO internet.

  2. Denis Griffiths | 20 October 2017 at 3:31 pm | Reply

    So very true.

  3. Claudio Pompili | 23 October 2017 at 8:54 pm | Reply

    Abbott and Turnbull must be held accountable. Criminal negligence in the face of overwhelming industry advice to support the FTTP NBN. Instead, they have Australians a 3rd-rate NBN that has cost at least as much as the Labor NBN and will be delivered later. Subsequently, it will inevitably have to be upgraded to the cost of tens of billions of dollars. They wrecked the joint and must be held accountable for treason.

  4. I recently moved to Australia from NZ, I used to work for a large Broadband provider in NZ aswell. I was absolutely shocked at what I see Australians are putting up with and being told by NBN officials, quite frankly NBN, particularly TFFN is not a true fiber plan and defeats the purpose of what your trying to replace. I dont understand why there is not ministerial inquiries being held ? The excuses that I have read dont cut it. Chorus in NZ is become extremely efficient at laying fiber to every household driveway and trenched in along streets. In Australia there is no excuses, even more so in that alot of your suburban streets barely have footpaths and easier to lay. I am shocked really and the poor speeds on offer are appalling.

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