Video: US-China Tensions Over Taiwan Update

As Australia continues to act as the deputy Sheriff of the United States in the region, politicians run over each other to take an anti-China position on Taiwan. Big media colludes in this. A false narrative of the threat of Chinese invasion of another nation is out forward to obscure what is really going on. The fact that the policy on the books of both Australia and the United States has long been that Taiwan is part of China. Another neglected fact is that the political opposition and much of the population also see themselves as part of China. Nor do they tell us that Taiwan is economically integrated with China, and that the standoff has a lot to do with trying to maintain western control over microchip production and south China Sea trade routes.

Sending Nancy Pelosi there on a United Sates Airforce plane was a deliberate provocation.

The video below provides a useful summary of much of what is going on. Even those who do not agree with every point should acknowledge the key points and reject moves that threaten further to lead to a war that could engulf us all.

China has just completed a naval and air exercise around Taiwan to show preparedness to what it sees as outside aggression. The United Sates has sent its navy to the Taiwan Strait and near the Chinese mainland border. Australia’s role should be to urge pulling back from the brink and honour our nation’s existing one China policy and that Taiwan is part of China.

Video from The New Atlas

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